What is i3?

The iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3) is offered to address a critical problem within the information sciences: a lack of diversity among its students and faculty. To foster a culture of creativity, innovation, and collaboration across disciplines, the information schools (iSchools) must actively recruit and develop students and faculty from underrepresented segments of the population. The iSchools need a diverse group of future leaders to take on the challenges and opportunities of the digital age. i3 is committed to developing those leaders.

Each year, approximately 20 undergraduate students from across the country are selected to become i3 Scholars. Those students undertake a year-long experience which prepares them for graduate study in the information sciences and ultimately a rewarding career that matches their interests. The i3 program includes three core components:
i3 Scholars begin their journey with the Introductory Institute, held at the iSchool at the University of Pittsburgh in June. Students are immersed in special-topics workshops and professional development sessions, receive mentoring from experts in academia and industry, and participate in field trips, tours, and social events.

After the Introductory Institute, i3 Scholars work in teams on a year-long research project using social networking and collaborative technology. Teams select the topic for their research and are supported by an iSchool faculty member.

To complete their experience, i3 Scholars return to the University of Pittsburgh in the second year for the Concluding Institute. Teams present their research projects and network with iSchool faculty and industry professionals. There is a heavy emphasis on professional development and refining those skills not typically learned in the classroom.

Although an intensive and challenging program, i3 prepares students for the rigor of graduate study in the information sciences. The U.S.-based iSchools value the preparation provided by i3 and look forward to recruiting i3 Scholars to their graduate programs. Scholars are uniquely positioned to become the next generation of leaders in a field that is rapidly evolving.

If you are serious about developing your potential and your future, i3 is for you.